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About Us

Shri Lakshmi Narayana Mandir and the Community Center is located on a beautifully wooded 26.73 acre parcel of land at 7211 State Fair Boulevard, Syracuse, NY 13209 in the town of Van Buren.


The Mandir is open 365 days a year. A resident priest can be reached at (315) 638-1477 or (315) 638-1591 (residence). The priest can assist devotees in offering prayers and performing poojas connected with Sanskaaraas such as Garbhaadhaanam, Seemantonnayanam, Jatakarma, etc.

We offer Hindi, Sanskirt and Yoga classes (by arrangement only).

Our Approach

The HMCNY has a pragmatic approach to the teachings of Vedas, the most ancient scriptures in the world. The word Veda means “true knowledge”. The principles of HMCNY in accordance with the Vedic teachings are:

  • God is the primary source of all true knowledge and all that is learned through its application

  • God is Existence, Unborn, Beginningless, Almighty Supreme Consciousness, Omnipresent, Omniscient, Formless, Unchangeable, Eternal, Limitless, Imperishable, Fearless, All-Knowing, All-Pervading, and Controller of all from within. To God alone worship is due

  • God alone is the creator of the universe and exists outside of it

  • The knowledge of Vedas was received by ancient Rishis without study or experimentation directly from God. All humans are free to read, study, and understand Vedas

  • All Karma (action) should be in conformity to Dharma (i.e., after due consideration of right and wrong with an injective to promote physical, spiritual, and social progress of all

  • Accept truth and reject untruth

  • Propagate knowledge and dispel ignorance

  • Everyone should have full freedom of action (Karma) and should regard one’s well-being in the well-being of the entire society (others)


Our Purpose

  • To build and maintain a temple complex as a common place of religious worship for Hindus.

  • To celebrate Hindu religious festivals

  • To promote the instruction of Indian languages, Hindu religion, classical and devotional music, meditation, and hold discourses keeping in mind the special needs of children and young adults

  • To engage in religious charitable and educational activities consistent with the above purposes, and to respond to humanitarian needs

  • To solicit donations for the fulfillment of such purposes

  • To do any act or thing incidental to or connected with the foregoing purposes or advancement thereof, but not for the pecuniary profit or financial gain of its members, director, donors, or officers.


Our Values

The Hindu Religion promotes values which benefit all of mankind. It preaches tolerance, self-sacrifice (i.e., regarding one’s own well being in the well being of others), and respect for the view or belief of other people.

It encourages acts or Karma in conformity to Dhama (i.e., after due consideration of right and wrong). It encourages discussions and logical reasoning to accept truth and renounce untruth, to love justice and righteousness, dispel ignorance and disseminate knowledge, and to create an environment of peace which promotes physical, spiritual, and social progress of all humans.

The Mandir’s goal is while being devoted to One God, the Supreme Reality, universally recognized as our Lord Shri Narayana and His Shakti Maha Lakshmi, the Goddess of Prosperity and Wisdom, strive to meet the religious needs of all those who seek God through his various manifestations or shakti (spiritual force).


Contact Information









Mandir (315) 638-1477

Priest Residence (315) 638-1591

Fax (315) 699-1875


Principles of Corporation

  • No idols, pictures, statues, or symbols of living or deceased persons shall be placed in the Mandir or place of worship established or maintained by the Corporation

  • The use of storage of alcohol or tobacco products, meats, or any addictive material in any form, shape, or manner is strictly prohibited at any Mandir or place of worship established or maintained by the Corporation

  • Live sacrifice is strictly prohibited on any premises or place of worship established or maintained by the corporation, including, but not limited to, any Mandir of the Corporation

  • The main deity in the Mandir established or maintained by the Corporation will be Shri Lakshmi Narayana

Our Priest

  • Humans are free to worship and meditate upon God directly without the assistance of any priest or holy man; however, priest assistance is generally required for the performance of certain rituals, pooja, and the 16 Samaskaras.

  • For this purpose and your convenience, HMCNY employs a full-time qualified priest who is available to meet your needs 7 days a week during Mandir hours or Monday through Saturday outside the Mandir hours by appointment.

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