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January 2015

Thursday, January 8: Sankatahar Chathurthy
6:30pm - Ganesh Abhishekham
7:30pm - Aarati

Wednesday, January 14: Makara Sankaranti Pongal Thal
10:30am - Suryanarayn Pooja
7:30pm - Aarati

Friday, January 16: K. Ekadasi
6:00pm - Laxminarayan and Pooja
7:00pm - Lilitha Sahasranamama
7:30pm - Aarati

Saturday, January 17: Shani Pradosham
5:30pm - Shiva Abhishekam, Very Good day
6:45pm: Vishnu Sahasranama Path
7:30pm: Aarati

Monday, January 19: Somavati Amavasya
7:30pm: Aarati

Saturday, January 24: Vasanta Panchami
6:00pm - Saraswati Abhishekham
6:45pm - Vishnu Sahasranam Parayanam
7:30pm - Aarati

Friday, January 30: S. Ekadasi
6:00pm - Laxminarayana Pooja Archana
6:45pm - Vishnu Sahasranam Path
7:30pm - Aarati

Saturday, January 31: Shani Pradosham
6:00pm - Shiva Abhishekam
6:45pm - Vishnu Sahasranam Path
7:30pm - Aarat


February 2015

Monday, February 2: Poornima (Magha) - Sponorship $51
6:15pm - Shri Satyanarayana Pooja & Katha
6:45pm - Aarati

Saturday, February 7: Sankatahara Chaturthi - Sponsorship $31
6:15pm - Ganesha Abhishekham / Archana
6:45pm - Shri Vishnu Sahasranama Paath
7:30pm - Aarati

Sunday, February 8: Shubha Muhurat
11:00am - Aarati
11:45am - Havan (Homa)
7:30pm - Aarati

Sunday, February 15: K Ekadasi - Sponsorship $31
10:15am -Shri Lakshmi Narayana Pooja / Archana
11:00am - Aarati
11:45am - Havan (Homa)

Monday, February 16: Pradosham (Soma) - Sponsorship $31
6:30pm - Shiva Abhishekham

Tuesday, February 17: Maha Shivaratri - Sponorship $51
5:30pm - Shiv Bhajans
6:00pm - Shiva Pooja Abhishekham
7:30pm - Aarati

We request that while you are on the Mandir premises, please observe the Mandir Rules posted on the bulletin boards and the Mandir website.

  • There is no parking on the black top Mandir driveway
  • Handicap parking is available in front of the Mandir as posted
  • Please use the Mandir parking lot at the back

Thank you for your cooperation.
- The Management

You and your family are cordially invited to participate in Mandir poojas and festival celebrations of interest. If there is a pooja or festival not currently being performed or celebrated at the Mandir, please let management or the president know so that it may be considered for future inclusion.

We recognize that our parishioners come from all over India and Southeast Asia. For the past 16 years, even with our limited resources, we have made every endeavor to serve the spiritual and ritual needs of everyone without any reservations.

Your donations are instrumental in continuing the current programs and adding new programs. Please consider making Hindu Mandir of Central New York your primary charity. Thank you in anticipation of your favorable consideration.

If you wish to meet with Mandir management please contact us by:

  • Email: admin@hindumandircny.org
  • Postal mail: Hindu Mandir of Central New York
    P.O. Box 201, Clay, NY 13041-0201
  • In person on Sundays at the Mandir

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