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Om Namo NarayanayaApril 2014 - Om Namo Narayanaya

Om Sri Ram Jai Ram Jaijai Ram

During Trehta-Yug there came a time when Evil powers became all powerful in all three worlds. All Devi Devatas, including Shiva & Brahma, became powerless to control, let alone destroy Evil. They all prayed to The Supreme Power, Pure Consciousness and Bliss, the Creator of the Universe, Lord Narayana (Maha Vishnu) for their salvation and the salvation of the Earth from the evil forces.

Lord Vishnu granted their request and decided to incarnate as a human, Son of King Dashratha, in order to re-establish righteouness, destroy evil and protect His devotees. Bhagwan Brahma orderd all Devi-Devatas also to incranate in various forms on Earth to serve and assist Lord Rama.

Ram Navami, or the birthday of Lord Rama, falls on the 9th day of the bright fortnight of the Month of Chartra (March - April). Shri Rama was the Lord Narayana Hari himself, incarnate on Earth for the destruction of Evil King Ravana and his associates.

Lord Rama was a soft spoken, gentle protector and his life was an example for people to follow.

Vasanta Navaratri and Ramnavmi each year is our opportunity to remember the ideals established by Shri Rama and immerse ourselves with the spirit of Lord Rama.

We wish for everyone happy Vasanta Navaratris and Ramnavmi.

Sunday, April 6 - Each Sunday mandir opens at 10am until 8:30pm
11:00am: Aarati
11:45am Havan
6:30pm: Devi Pooja
7:30pm: Aarati

Monday, April 7 - Maha Ashtami
6:30pm: Tridevi Archana
7:45pm: Kanya Poojan

Tuesday, April 8 - Shri Rama Navami
11:00am: Ram Parivar Abhishekham
12:00pm: Ram Janam Utsav, Ram Archana and Aarati, Prasad

Thursday, April 10 - S Ekadasi
6:00pm: Laxmi Narayan Pooja & Archana

Saturday, April 12 - Shani Pradosh
5:30pm: Shiva Abhishekham
6:45pm: Vishunu Sahasranam Path

Monday, April 14 - Pooranima
6:30pm: Satya Narayan Pooja & Katha

Friday, April 18 - Sankata Har Chaturthi
6:00pm: Ganapati Abhishekham

Friday, April 25 - K Ekadasi
6:30pm: Laxminarayan Pooja Archana

Saturday, April 26 - Shani Pradosham
5:30pm: Shiva

You and your family are cordially invited to participate in Mandir poojas and festival celebrations of interest. If there is a pooja or festival not currently being performed or celebrated at the Mandir, please let management or the president know so that it may be considered for future inclusion.

We recognize that our parishioners come from all over India and Southeast Asia. For the past fifteen years, even with our limited resources, we have made every endeavor to serve the spiritual and ritual needs of everyone without any reservations.

This is also a good time to make your annual or year-end tax exempt donation to the Hindu Mandir. Your donations are instrumental in continuing the current programs and adding new programs. Please consider making Hindu Mandir of Central New York your primary charity. Thank you in anticipation of your favorable consideration.

If you wish to meet with Mandir management please contact us by:

  • Email: admin@hindumandircny.org
  • Postal mail: Hindu Mandir of Central New York
    P.O. Box 201, Clay, NY 13041-0201
  • In person on Sundays at the Mandir

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